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Author and Curriculum Writer,
John Thomas Phipps Introduces
The Way of Ren

John's  people focused leadership approach of engaging, empowering, and energizing workers is a breath of fresh air in  how businesses harness their greatest asset – their people. Utilizing The Way of Ren, he brings a unique and innovative perspective on how organization should cultivate the creativity of its people and inspire them to greatness.


"Everything we do in business is about people; the products we sell, the service we provide, and the problems we solve, ALL involve people!"

Support Group

Our people are the lifeforce of our organizations. Never does a CEO accept an award and graciously thank the wonderful product for propelling the company to success; no, it’s the people who make every company’s success possible, and we need to make this adjustment in our leadership strategies.

-The Way of Ren

Our People are our greatest asset

"Our business is our people," and the greatest organizations understand when you engage with your people, inspiring things happen."

Design Studio

are our

"Our people, are also our customer. We have two types of customer, Internal and External. It's our job as leaders to provide them both, a great customer experience."

John Thomas Phipps

For the past 15 years, John has written business and training curriculum. He has utilized his unique perspective as a business trainer to engage with leaders on how to partner with their people to transition them into their greatest advocates. His unique background and formal education with  an undergraduate and graduate degree in leadership, provide business leaders a innovative perspective on how to harness their people. John has consulted with organization across the US inspiring them to rethink the importance of people.

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